How to get started bulding a company while traveling?

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In retrospect, I would have never imagined I was going to start my own game company in my 20’s and even less that I was going to be traveling the world while doing it. But none of these things would have happened without preparation and without making major changes in my life.

The following are some of the steps I took to make this lifestyle possible:

  •  Find something you are hyped, motivated or passionate about:

I know what you might say next… Oh but what if I don’t know what I want to do or be, so how can I even be motivated or passionate about something? I also went though the same situation. Just start by picking something, anything that interests you or at least makes you happy and then go from there… .
If you don’t have any idea whatsoever, then join someone else’s idea. This could be a friend, a lover, a partner in crime, a relative or a mentor. I have seen lots of independent makers/digital nomads/entrepreneurs starting their first companies with their friends or partners and creating extremely successful products or services. Also, finding a mentor, is a great way to get started and gain invaluable experience while working on a cool project.

  • Save as much $$ as you can:

While it took me a few years to finally start traveling and begin working on my mobile game, I was saving as much as I could during this time because from my experience, this is the MOST important thing if you want to start your own business on your own terms. You have to have some capital to start and most of us just weren’t born rich! So in one way or another, you MUST Save! and no matter if it takes a few years or longer, I promise if you are consistent you will get to a point where you will have enough to start your own indie project or business. Some examples from real life experiences: Cooking at home more and eating out less, cut out buying coffee/tea out every single day, create a weekly/monthly budget for your expenses and if you go over that budget, reduce it for the next month and don’t cheat or that kitty will punish you hehe.

If you want more ideas or more detailed info about how to save money I recommend you checking Mr. Money Mustache‘s website. I followed lots of his advice for money savings and they made a huge impact in my life.

  • Pick an idea and stick with it:

This one is a toughie! … Before deciding on starting Fourzy, my team and I kept jumping from one idea to another. We started one game and kept switching to another one, then moving to the next one and so on. Until one day we decided that we were not going to be successful if we continued this way. So we picked the best yet simplest idea and started developing it.
You might say, but how do I know which idea would be the ONE? Well, you just have to keep testing the waters… even if you fail! Trying is better than never pursuing that thing that keeps you awake at night.
But also, you can consult with someone that has experience in the field that your idea falls into. Another possibility could be creating a Facebook poll, consulting with your friends, social media, search for forums or communities that are related to the idea or topic, etc.

  • Surround yourself with likeminded people:

Having people by your side that are on the same wavelength as you is as important as the environment that surrounds you.
Some people will always tend to wish the best for you and encourage you even if your ideas might seem a little crazy, while others, let’s just say aren’t the most positive and will only wait for you to fail to say “I told you”. That is why, for all circumstances in life it is better to be prepared by surrounding yourself with some of the best people in your life. If I wouldn’t have had the help and encouragement of so many of my family members and friends, I would have never left my hometown and trust me I would not be here today!

  • Leave your comfort zone:

Wait! what? Well yes, at least for a while if you have a chance. Many people do not ever leave their family home (except for short trips which doesn’t count) until they get married. My biggest advice here would be for you to take a student exchange program/study abroad, search for an internship program in another city, volunteer/apply for a job outside your home country or simply just take a year off to work on your own projects and ideas. Even if it is for a few months you will value this experience forever. Plus, you will learn very valuable things such as, how to manage your own money, being more independent, responsibility and simply getting to know yourself better.

For the entrepreneurs, don’t forget to create something during this time away from home because this time is not only for partying and doing the things you couldn’t do at home, but this is a time for personal and professional growth and to focus on the thing that will make you unique and standout from the others. This time it is supposed to be a time for you to be productive and work hard on what you love.

In the end, this may be something you have already heard countless times but maybe it just takes the 100th time hearing it that something will click and set events into motion towards a new life.

Thanks for reading!

Juliana Halko


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