Thessaloniki, Greece for a Month!

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Hey there!

Since I haven’t posted anything in a while (a year to be more exact) I just wanted to summarize a few things we found intriguing so far while living in Thessaloniki, Greece.
We are on the move again after living in Colombia and Pennsylvania for a few months. Before coming to Greece we visited Oslo, Norway for two days, then went to Berlin for four days. We spent some time enjoying the summer days with great friends.
Now, we are half way through our month here in Greece (don’t want to leave yet), but I promise to keep appreciating every moment here and eating all the scrumptious food available in Thessaloniki.

Let’s talk about:


Most Menus Are in Greek:
Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and you would think all restaurants, coffee shops would have menus in English, however this is not the case for this city. I met some locals at a coffee shop the other day and one of them was telling me that Thessaloniki only became popular in the past few 5-7 years and still is not too accommodating to the new flow of tourists. Anyway, we still have managed to find the coffee shops and restaurants that do have translated menus or at least the tittles in english. Otherwise, we ask for translations from the the waiters who usually have good English.
Tasty food
The food in Greece is undeniably delicious. It is for real one of the best cuisines so far of all places we visited! We are currently living in the city center near all the restaurants and nightlife. It seems that most places nearby are open almost 24/7 and this is a plus since Jaayden and I have pretty weird eating hours. In other cities we always have trouble finding places to eat late at night with healthy food, as so many places usually only serve fast food late at night. The best places to eat at any hour of the day have been at what Greeks call “Taverns”. They have a selection of Greek food for a good price. One of the best parts is that they have an entire section of the menu dedicated to Cheeses!
They offer a variety in salads, tapas and entrees. Examples:

* When in Thessaloniki try grilled Haloumi and Grilled Talagani. Both extremely new to us and mind blowing, haha.
* Beef Moussaka

Places to Work From 

Coffee shops – If you are trying to avoid smoking and want to have a fast internet connection, then they are usually not the best for working. Apparently there is a  law that prohibits smoking indoors but coffeeshop/bars prefer to pay the fine to the police instead of not allowing people to smoke, which makes sense if they want to keep the majority of their customers.

Internet speed – Varies across Thessaloniki and so far we only had luck with two places, one called Le Jardin Extraordinare Cafe (But it is very smokey on a bad day, in a good day it is bearable) and Cafe Balkan (Not so smokey).
If you want no smoking places to work in Thessaloniki you could go to the only Co-working Coho space in the city or
Starbucks (with slow wifi).


We usually walk everywhere we need to go but whenever we go to CrossFit we take a bus to get there. Buses in Thessaloniki are pretty fast and usually on time, or at least have a sign with how many minutes left until they arrive.
*Tip: You can always buy bus tickets inside the buses, there are little ticket machines with English translations.

Biking around Thessaloniki is a good option too if you want to see the city faster, but the streets have few obvious bike lanes or sometimes no bike lanes which could be very unsafe. For a safer route, bike from the city center to the waterfront all the way down to the Music Garden Park.
We rented bikes from CITY BIKES for 4 Euros each and 4 hours. They have some of the best bikes we have ever rented as they were very new and well maintained.


Fourzy Update

First of, you might be wondering what is Fourzy? We quit our jobs in San Francisco and moved away to live the Nomadic life and make our FIRST MOBILE game called FOURZY.
Fourzy has undergone so many changes since last year, starting with the graphics and the UI design.
Currently, we are focusing on finalizing the UI, add animations, and add more game play features. Fourzy has come a long way and we are excited to share what comes next. For Fourzy specific updates you can sign up for our email list at 😃

Thanks for reading!

Juliana & Jaayden


  1. This was super insightful! I’ve been thinking about where I want to go later this year and Greece is starting to feel like a good choice!

    1. Author

      Thank you Saransh! I am glad that this short post was in some way helpful for you 🙂 Will give some few more details at the end of the month!

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