Kayaking to Koh Phee & Koh Talabeng

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From our adventures in Koh Lanta, Thailand. We went on a kayaking tour to Koh Phee and Koh Talabeng islands nearby to where we stayed in Koh Lanta. Despite the cloudy weather, we spent the whole day discovering the inside of some mysterious and murky caves along with some climbing and kayaking.

This trip was arranged by one of the best tour companies we have ever used before because they did an exceptional job in delivering the whole experience in a very entertaining and professional way while keeping everyone safe during the sometimes challenging climbing and caving.

Check out our video for more. Thanks to KoHub – Tropical Coworking for the amazing experience.


  1. Love the shooting of your feet moving hahaha! So adventurous! The darkness in the caves really scary for me!. Nice Video Juli.

    1. Author

      Lindaa!! Gracias por tu mensaje 😀 haha The darkness was scary even for me, only Jaayden was brave enough to go deep inside the caves.

  2. Love this my friend!! I see you guys are having the best time out there!! Continue to share the adventures with us. I’m traveling with you!!!
    Miss you and hope to see you guys soon… Much

    1. Author

      Thanks Simone!! you have always been so positive and lovely with us. We love you <3

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