The Strange and Fascinating Giant Metronome of Prague

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Walking across the bridge Cechuv we found a park called Letná Park, where we spotted a cool place to relax and feel for once as if were locals in this captivating city.

IMG_1133When we arrived to the top of the hill, we saw how lively this place was. The air at the top was so pleasant and so fresh. The afternoon was perfectly suitable for all the activities happening at that particular moment. People were swing dancing, other young adults were playing a guitar, singing, skateboarding and others like us were drinking beer (of course). Everyone was enjoying this beautiful sunny afternoon all in the same place at the same time. How beautiful!

One very unexpected thing we found up in this hill was the giant metronome, a tool used by musicians to keep time. This metronome is enormous and symbolizes the long Czech struggles under Soviet communist control. It was designed by the international artist Vratislav Novak.

FullSizeRender 11Watch the following video to give you a better perspective of what it was happening up there!


Loving Prague’s beer


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