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Thessaloniki, Greece for a Month!

In Greece by Juliana Halko2 Comments

Hey there! Since I haven’t posted anything in a while (a year to be more exact) I just wanted to summarize a few things we found intriguing so far while living in Thessaloniki, Greece. We are on the move again after living in Colombia and Pennsylvania for a few months. Before coming to Greece we visited Oslo, Norway for two days, then went …

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Kayaking to Koh Phee & Koh Talabeng

In Thailand by Juliana Halko4 Comments

From our adventures in Koh Lanta, Thailand. We went on a kayaking tour to Koh Phee and Koh Talabeng islands nearby to where we stayed in Koh Lanta. Despite the cloudy weather, we spent the whole day discovering the inside of some mysterious and murky caves along with some climbing and kayaking. This trip was arranged by one of the best tour companies …

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The Strange and Fascinating Giant Metronome of Prague

In Prague by Juliana Halko2 Comments

Walking across the bridge Cechuv we found a park called Letná Park, where we spotted a cool place to relax and feel for once as if were locals in this captivating city. When we arrived to the top of the hill, we saw how lively this place was. The air at the top was so pleasant and so fresh. The afternoon was perfectly suitable …

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Prague, the beginning of our trip!

In Prague by Juliana Halko3 Comments

We finally arrived to Prague after our flight from New York. It was around 8pm when we decided to leave the Airbnb apartment and check the surrounding areas of the neighborhood. We walked to the nearest main street which led us to the Stefanikuv Bridge from where we got our fist glance of Prague. The view from a different spot…